Eye Blush!


I love this collection of colors.  It gives you so many ideas – associated with positive thinking .  .  It’s very colorful and beautiful.   This blush is very special, too, and is the kind you’d put in a fashion style, or even just for everday free style.

I love the combination of blue and black put together as well.

Eye Blush!

What is Street Style?


Here is an example of the new “Street Style.”

Street Style essentially shows your personality, so it can vary greatly.  Your personal style can tell people mood on that specific day, whether you are happy or angry etc.

This woman has a very neat look.  One of the things that really stands out with this specific dress is the woman’s earrings, which are quite generous indeed!

In addition, her lips are a dark purple.  Usually, people don’t wear this color!  But since her hair is short, she can use darker lips.

When you look at her jacket and clothing, her choice of colors is very special.  Green and tan are not an easy pair to put together, but she has done it successfully.

I like street style, because it’s not anything like the types of clothes you see at a fashion show that are super rare …   Street style can be worn simply by anyone.

What is Street Style?

My Favorite Style – Black and White


I like all black styles, and putting a little bit of white socks or hats with black.  I think it looks very cool.  For example, this photo shows you that the t-shirt is pierced.  She is an alligator, and it is so special.  She is wearing a sun hat, and her hair is braided.   As for her makeup, it’s very simple.  She has big red lips.  Maybe people will like this style more and more in the future.


Fashion share~「你不存在」(You Don’t Exist)

cc2bb889e95c0cb6a459616093192af7 Bei-Kuo的作品登上倫敦前衛時尚攝影雜誌-Schön-4 Bei-Kuo的作品登上倫敦前衛時尚攝影雜誌-Schön-3 Bei-Kuo的作品登上倫敦前衛時尚攝影雜誌-Schön-1 Bei-Kuo-SpringSummer-2015-Lookbook-052-672x372 Bei-Kuo-SpringSummer-2015-Lookbook-012 BEIKUO_17301 Bei-Kuo-SpringSummer-2015-Lookbook-032 Bei-Kuo-SpringSummer-2015-Lookbook-042 BEIKUO04751「你不存在」(You Don’t Exist)這系列男裝設計線條簡潔、具有空氣感和運動元素,色系簡單卻又不乏味,運用繁體中文創作卻不落俗套,浮凸的文字與生澀的文法來自設計師刻意的安排,雖然名為「不存在」,卻因為不流暢的文法和炫光材質的出現,反倒有了「欲蓋彌彰」的戲劇效果,讓這個學生的畢業作品看來相當有商業作品的成熟度和洗鍊感,同時也保留了學生作品當中,最難得的高度創造力。

這個系列雖以幽默的文字遊戲吸引眾人目光,但靈感卻來自一段悲傷的記憶,儘管Bei Kuo沒有透露這段記憶的完整內容,不過這位今年26歲,剛獲得Parsons服裝設計碩士學位的設計師表示,這個系列的靈感是關於一個表演藝術:「這個表演是關於一段我想要消除的過去,我用一個巨大的床單包住我自己,希望能把過去的自己『隱形』,希望別人看不見我,卻反倒的讓自己更明顯,營造一種無可忽視的存在感。」


Fashion share~「你不存在」(You Don’t Exist)


From my younger years, I’ve always been interested in all kinds of design, especially clothing fashion design.  I want to share some of my ideas of never before seen designs here.  I am also interested in outfitting people with makeup, clothes, accessories, and more.